The new line of cosmetics CBDWORLD natural based on hemp oil is a revolution in skin care. Released in recent months on the market. 


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Η σεcosmetics CBDWORLD natural includes a range of products for the face, body and hair that enhance the protection of the skin and give it firmness and radiance. They are products suitable for both sexes who like to grow up beautiful and natural.

THE natural CANNABIS FACE CREAM which is the ultimate solution to the anti-aging of the face, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, in combination with the hyaluronic acid it contains. A combination that offers immediately visible results in reducing both the depth of wrinkles and their extent. To natural CANNABIS FACE EMULSION is the liquid composition of a nourishing cream, with moisturizing and nourishing properties, rich in hyaluronic with drops of hemp oil and almond oil, which protects against the formation of new wrinkles, suitable for all skin types and acts in addition to natural CANNABIS FACE CREAM

For the care of our body natural CANNABIS BODY MILK DONKEY combines the unique beneficial properties of cannabis in combination with the benefits of donkey milk resulting in stimulating and intensifying the synthesis of collagen, elastin and keratin of the skin. It precedes it natural CANNABIS BODY MILK DONKEY the peeling of the body with an innovative product natural CANNABIS BODY PEELING with a natural exfoliating ingredient of fine coffee beans, rich in hyaluronic acid and aloe and honey extracts that contribute to the renewal, nourishment and hydration of dehydrated skin. The natural CANNABIS HAIR & BODY BATH gives unique cleansing, with the velvety foam during its use, due to the extracts of honey, vegetable glycerin and allantoin that it contains. Moisturizes and tones the skin in combination with hemp oil.

The care of the hands did not escape our attention. THE natural CANNABIS HAND CREAM should not be missing from the daily beauty routine and through your bag! Helps the youthful appearance of the skin, tones and cares for the nails. A small amount is quickly absorbed, moisturizes, relieves dryness and leaves hands soft and youthful.


And for the care of the hair of our favorite pet, we recommend it natural CANNABIS DOG SHOWER GEL. Helps to untangle the hair, for easy combing, improves the shine of the hair and reduces static electricity while at the same time creating a protective film on the skin.