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A sense of luxury these holidays with the Luxury Collection of CBDWORLD!

A sense of luxury this holiday season with the Luxury Collection of CBDWORLD! This Christmas, if you want to get away from the all time classic options and make original gifts, we are waiting for you at our physical store CBDWORLD or why not at the online https: // www. You will have unlimited options and suggestions in order for your gift to be unforgettable […]

Fight stress and insomnia in a natural way

It is now clear that in a world where health and wellness trends are at the forefront of interest, these three letters, CBD, are making a big buzz. We are not talking about a new diet or exercise, but cannabidiol or CBD from the plant Cannabis Sativa L. Swallowing a few drops of CBD (cbd […]

Cannabis for the prostate?

Prevention and treatment of symptoms with CBD. The cannabis plant is a pain management treatment that can fight it without altering blood pressure. Along with confirming that medical use of cannabis does reduce pain levels in suffering patients, several clinical studies have shown that this occurs without […]

Little love gestures at CBDWORLD

Love and hope found, and this Easter, the way to reach the children of the Autism Organization Expression Creativity, even with a click in shop! through the camera of the cinematographer Dionysis Kalogirou and the photographic lens of Panos Konios who kindly supported our action. Happy Resurrection and Happy Easter to all!

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