The CBDWORLD Cannabis store, cannabis retail point of sale and at the same time an alternative coffee, in a warm environment was created with the prospect of being a forum for discussion and information and culture reference point for Thessaloniki. Cultural activities as well as activities related to cannabis will be hosted at the cafe located at the junction of Patriarchou Ioakeim 2 and Alexandrou Svolou 1 in Thessaloniki.

We want to get people in touch with testimonials from people who have benefited from the beneficial effects of the plant and want to share their experience but also get advice from experts. We aspire to be in continuity contact with patient social groups to provide them with any voluntary support we can.

We join our effort to share our experiences regarding the beneficial effects of the "misunderstood" plant, cannabis.

In the store customers can try in addition tea and coffee with hemp, fresh smoothies with hemp. At the same time, they are for sale  the therapeutic CBD oils, but also foods such as pasta, cookies, flour etc.

Of course the business CBDWORLD Cannabis store continues to evolve, always listening to the pulse of the modern era and always responding to the modern needs of our society, constantly adhering to the standards of legality, quality and certified products.


Fotini Katsavounidou

Vassilis Tsiflitzis

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