The CBDWorld, constitutes an alternative coffee,  which, between its diversity in terms of coffee and the design of its space, adheres to the strictly anti-smoking philosophy. It opened its doors in 2018, in the center of Thessaloniki and came to land in our bourgeois pleasures by claiming a place in our hearts. Customers can try out tea and coffee with hempidiol-CBD, hot chocolate with CBD and CBD-smoothies from fresh fruit

This different cafe - exhibition space, located at the junction of the streets Patriarch Ioakeim 2 and Alexandrou Svolou 1 in Thessaloniki, aspires to become a point of reference, information and culture for Thessaloniki. A place that is expected to cause real emotions in the public of Thessaloniki. That will motivate them to feel the pure enjoyment of the special aromas and the real flavors it offers.

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