Privilege card CBDWORLD,… is our way of saying a big "thank you".

The CBDWORLD store welcomes you to the customer reward program via the bonus card. It's your ticket to a world of privileges. His loyalty program CBDWORLD through privilege cards is a reward program designed for all of you who show us your preference, after all, our mission is to support you with enthusiasm and to always suggest you appropriately and certified products.

With purchases you make on products from CBDWORLD, You collect points that you can redeem in subsequent product purchases by receiving the corresponding discount. When you collect points, you earn the corresponding redemption value in each subsequent transaction in which you want to redeem the points.

At the same time as a member of the program You will enjoy special discounts and exclusive offers which will be done at regular intervals and will be communicated in the store CBDWORLD, on the site and on-store social media (facebook, instagram, pinterest, youtube). Members will be sent a newsletter with what is new on CBDWORLD.

The card is activated with your first product purchase at CBDWORLD (P. Ioakeim 2 & A. Svolou 1, Thessaloniki).

You can get the privilege card, either by completing the relevant acquisition application by doing click on the APPLY button at the bottom of this page either requesting it from the store. In the first case, after submitting the application you will receive information on how and when you can receive your privilege card. In the second case, you receive the relevant information, immediately, regarding its acquisition.

ATTENTION: We do not accept telephone requests to obtain the privilege card.

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    Terms of use of the CBDWORLD bonus card

    1. The CBDWORLD bonus card is issued by CBDWORLD only to individuals who are over 18 years of age, according to the information stated in the relevant card application.
    2. The holder of the CBDWORLD bonus card is responsible for the use of the card. CBDWORLD is not liable in the event of loss, theft, misappropriation or misuse. In case of loss, the holder can either request the reissue of the card with the same number, or request its cancellation and replacement with a new one. In both cases the points will be transferred to the card to be issued. In case of replacement of the card for any reason (eg loss, destruction, theft, etc.), these terms apply.
    3. CBDWORLD is not responsible for the use of the CBDWORLD bonus card by a non-beneficiary.
    4. The holder of the CBDWORLD bonus card is responsible for the legality of his transactions. CBDWORLD reserves the right to cancel a card if it results in poor, illegal, abusive or contrary use of these terms.
    5. CBDWORLD is not responsible for the use of the CBDWORLD bonus card by a non-beneficiary or unauthorized person, unless it has been proven in writing to report its loss or theft.
    6. CBDWORLD is not required to perform an identity check when using the CBDWORLD bonus card or redeeming points.
    7. CBDWORLD reserves the right to change its commercial policy, the benefits it provides with the card and these terms.
    8. The CBDWORLD bonus card and the relevant privileges in favor of its holders constitute a voluntary provision of CBDWORLD to consumers - customers. Therefore, it reserves the right to interrupt or change the privilege program and the operation of the card at any time.
    9. The holder of the CBDWORLD bonus card by issuing and using it accepts these terms.

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