Vital Drops CBG 5% Full Raw Spectrum (500mg / 10ml)

Clear your mind and strengthen your spiritual balance and concentration.

Vital Drops oil extract CBG (cannabigerol) full spectrum 500mg, offers mental clarity, balance and concentration. Increases creativity while improving memory, cognitive functions and mood by radically combating depressive behavior.



At the same time, the action of CBG has a positive effect on lowering blood pressure, relieving bone pain and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. 

The extract has not been treated (heating / decarboxylation), ie it contains the complete profile of the active and aromatic substances of the plant in a natural ratio, with CBG being the predominant cannabinoid.

Contains: CBG + CBGa 5% (500mg / 10ml) Raw | Not Decarboxylated, THC <0.1%.
In Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Magnesia (Aeons Exclusive). Each drop contains approximately 1.65mg CBG + CBGa. 

Method of Administration:
1. Shake well before each use.
2. Fill the dropper with extract by pressing its rubber part.
3. Drop the desired drops under your tongue (dosing instructions can be found here).
4. Hold in your mouth for 60 ”before swallowing so that it is properly absorbed by the body.

100% Greek product
100% Natural product

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