Body Butter CBDWORLD 200ml

The Body Butter CBDWORLD it is viscous, has a cool and incredible smell and has a longer hydration time than any other product, leaving the skin soft. Soothes skin irritations and redness thanks to hemp oil which also contains in its beneficial properties. This is what our skin needs when the cold is slowly coming, in order to protect us from dry skin and give us the softness and shine we need. For longer duration of the perfume we can combine it with CBDWORLD Body Mist.



Due to the strong anti-inflammatory potential of hemp oil, its topical use in cases of scars, scars and skin irritations it is quite effective, without the side effects of cortisone products commonly used for this purpose.

Basic ingredients:

  • Hemp oil Sativa (hemp oil): constitutes excellent building block in all CBDWORLD cosmetics, as it enriches their composition with vitamins and trace elements, essential for a healthy skin.
    Because of the strong anti-inflammatory potential of hemp oil, its topical use in cases of scars, scars and skin irritations is quite effective, without the side effects of cortisone productsusually used for this purpose.
  • Almond oil: has emoisturizing, soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin
  • Coconut oil: The main property that characterizes coconut oil is the hydration it offers! Its rich texture deeply nourishes the skin, relieving it of dehydration and dryness especially in the summer months. Spread it on the body and feel make your skin soft as silk, leaving the wonderful summer aroma of coconut to follow you! Coconut oil is also very effective for various difficult points, such as elbows and heels.
  • Glycerine: There are two important "Y's" for which Glycerin is considered so special in skin care.
    First of all is a Moisturizer, which means that it attracts moisture to the skin and the second that it is Hygroscopic, ie it has the ability to absorb water from the air. This is equally important for those looking for ways to hydrate. Its ability to lock in the skin's natural moisture is great. Glycerin treats problems of dryness and peeling of the skin absorbing its weight in water within a few days, leaving the skin hydrated. For those who are concerned about the signs, Glycerin also fights them: helps to create a more homogeneous color tone on the skin and gradually reduces the appearance of scars. .
  • butyrospermum butter parkii (shea) - shea butter: it's one excellent emollient for dry skin. Relieves from the "stretching" of the skin and itching.
  • chamomile recutita: chamomile extract contains flavonoids and terpenoids that impart strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action. Provides soothing properties for the skin, helping to deal with irritations.
  • Linalool: constitutes the 6% of hemp essential oil. Research studies show that it has a number of healing properties. Linalool has touches of floral and lavender aroma.
    • D-Limonene: is a terpene with a characteristic citrus aroma that is also present in large quantities in lemons, oranges and grapefruits. Research shows that terpene D-limonene (D-limonene) shows antibacterial action.
  • Geraniol: It is a substance that is present in many types of cosmetics and its origin is plant. It comes from fruits such as apples, cherries, citrus etc. and from essential oils such as neroli (neroli - butyrate geraniol). It is an oily extract with a sweet taste and rose aroma.
  • Citronellol: has a smell of flowers, roses, sweet smell and taste with shades of green and fruity citrus. THE Citronellol is a sweet, floral terpene. Isolated Citranellol can come naturally from rose and geranium. It is something that many people will recognize from citronella candles. There are traces of citronella in many essential oils and it is one powerful terpene that seems to provide a number of health benefits. Improves the appearance of the skin and is useful for its care. It has also been shown to cleanse the pores, making the skin more vibrant. Many people use citronella essential oil shortly before exercise or immediately after showering, when their pores are open, for maximum benefit. It strengthens the function of the immune system
    Citronelol is often used as an immune booster and general tonic for people who feel a little "under" the weather.
    Citronellol helps fight infections and fever. It can also help reduce inflammation
  • Xanthan Gum: is a polysaccharide that is widely used in the cosmetics industry. Used in cosmetics to increase the moisturizing "power" of cosmetic products.

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