Body Milk CBDWORLD 200ml

To Body Milk CBDWORLD is the revolution in skin care why is a formula that combines the unique beneficial properties of Hemp oil (Hemp oil). Uniquely moisturizes and nourishes the skin. This is what our skin needs when the cold is slowly coming, in order to protect us from dry skin and give us the softness and radiance we need.



Due to the strong anti-inflammatory potential of hemp oil, its topical use in cases of scars, scars and skin irritations it is quite effective, without the side effects of cortisone products commonly used for this purpose.

Basic ingredients:
Hemp oil Sativa (hemp oil): constitutes excellent building block in all CBDWORLD cosmetics, as enriches their composition with vitamins and trace elements, necessary for a healthy skin. Hemp oil is very beneficial for the skin. It is rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, proteins, carotene, phytosterols, phospholipids, minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, iron, zinc, phosphorus) and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B3, E.6

  • Glycerin, glycerine: is considered very special in skin care.
    First of all has Moisturizing properties, which means that it attracts moisture to the skin Moreover is Hygroscopic. This is just as important for those looking for ways to hydrate, as it means that Glycerin has the ability to absorb water from the air. Her ability to locks the skin's natural moisture she is big.
    Glycerin treats problems of dryness and peeling of the skin absorbing its weight in water within a few days, leaving the skin hydrated. Glycerin fights skin scars and gradually reduces their appearance helping to create a more homogeneous color tone on the skin.
    It is an ingredient to look for those who have skin prone to imperfections, because it has the ability to remove dead skin cells facilitating the process of protein breakdown.
  • Linalool: constitutes the 6% of hemp essential oil. Research studies show that it has a number of healing properties. Linalool has touches of floral and lavender aroma.
    D-limonene: is a terpene with a characteristic citrus aroma which is also present in large quantities in lemons, oranges and grapefruits. Studies show that terpene D-limonene shows antibacterial activity.
  • coco caprylate: vegetable silicone (INCI Coco-Caprylate) is a mixture of esters derived from coconut fatty acids, of caprylic and capric acid, which is used in cosmetic preparations, as a substitute for volatile silicones. It is applied mainly to skin care products where emollient properties are important. In addition, It also acts as a strong lubricant on the surface of the skin, forming a thin non-oily film on it, thus giving the skin a soft, smooth and firm look.
  • Honey extract A real natural moisturizer for the skin which acts protectively, through the nourishment and hydration of the skin.
  • Xanthan Gum: is a polysaccharide that is widely used in the cosmetics industry. In cosmetics it is used for increase the moisturizing "power" of cosmetics products.

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