As we grow older, we are always looking for new ways to take better care of our health. While men only go to doctors, women are exploring alternatives for treating mental and physical symptoms and disorders more naturally. 🌿
Let's see 7 cases in which cannabis can help women to manage the symptoms of pain, discomfort and migraine and improve their daily quality of life.

Menstrual discomfort that includes bloating and cramps.
CBD relaxes the muscles of the uterus, reducing the intensity of contractions (cramps).
Chronic Fatigue
Feeling tired; Chronic fatigue is more than just feeling like you need a weekend to recover.
CBD can provide energy and a better mood.
.Chronic headaches and migraines
If you thought you had more headaches than your husbands or family, you can not imagine it, statistically true.
Cannabis help with migraines? Headaches and migraines are thought to be linked to estrogen, a key "female" hormone. CBD has a regulatory effect.
ΘειαHelp with the symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD)
We all know that when the menstrual cycle arrives, even the happiest and most patient woman can lose control of her emotions and behavior. This is because, among all the unpleasant symptoms of menstruation, there is a tsunami of hormones that accompanies the whole situation.
CBD (cannabidiol) can help manage painful physical and mental symptoms and provide increased energy, good mood and stress relief.

Speed up the engines! Cannabis can improve your sex life!
Exogenous cannabinoids and endocannabinoids have been clinically proven to have a positive effect on women's sexual function.
Chronic insomnia and sleep disorders
Women have more problems with insomnia than men.
Cannabis has a calming and relaxing effect. Women usually prefer to consume an edible type of cannabis or a tea that offers a slow release of cannabinoids and helps in a continuous and restful sleep.
Cannabis products for healthy skin
One of the reasons that CBD and hemp cosmetic creams are so popular is because they are free of the harsh chemicals found in other products.
Hemp oil is a popular type of physical therapy. It has high levels of fatty acids that moisturize and nourish the skin.
Many patients with psoriasis or eczema try CBD topically to relieve dryness and itching.

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